Important Covid Risk Assesment For Virus Free Air  - Z Coach London
  • Nov 12, 2020

Important Covid Risk Assesment For Virus Free Air - Z Coach London

According to Government guidance, our service will come under dedicated school transport as we are commercial travel routes, and we carry school pupils only, therefore the social distance of two or one metres will not apply from the autumn term on this dedicated transport.

We have done our risk assessment and taking the following measures for the safety of your children:

We upgraded our fleet with newer and cleaner coaches with environmental friendly Euro VI engine.

Measures taken to improve internal Air Quality :

For Virus-free Air we are installing eco3 Air Purifier in all of our coaches. This eco3 neutralizes harmful microbes, allergens, and other germs through air ionization. Hispacold eco3 air purifier should maintain the natural balance of positive and negative ions in the air, boosting it with measured amounts of ozone, which is completely harmless to passengers. This should restore the natural air quality.

The negatively charged ions, or anions as they are known, have been proven to destroy microbes, as well as improve oxygen absorption and release of CO2 and stimulate the respiratory system. The ozone released by the Hispacold eco3 air purifier acts as a disinfectant, removing bad smells. Hispacold says it should reduce the risk of contamination and illness through infection, in addition to cutting down on travel sickness and nausea among passengers caused by stale air. This is the top range device for the coach industry at the present moment; Cost us £500 for each coach.

Serviced Air-conditioned system of all our coaches changed Pauline filters, put the additional filter, cleans and disinfects all Evaporators for better air quality. Cost us £250 for each coach.

Measures taken to keep our coaches clean:

Enhanced cleaning before every Term by professionals with Government and industry recommendations will be in place in all of our coaches, including aerosol or liquid-based disinfection with a high-performance antiviral solution – sometimes called ‘fogging’ and steam cleaning all seats which cost us £200 for each coach.

A hand sanitizer dispenser will be fitted on every coach for children to clean their hands upon boarding.

After every trip drivers are instructed to wipe the regular touchable areas with anti-bacterial cleaning substances to keep our coaches clean. Extra wipes will be available in the coach if children wanted to wipe those handles again.

One coach will be allocated for each route and that coach will not be used for any other jobs during the term time to ensure that the same pupils are only using the same coach and same seat every day. Coaches for HBS will parked and locked in the church parking next to HBS for the day and bring back the girls in the afternoon to ensure no other people use that coach. This parking will cost us £2000 per year. The same arrangement will take place for Colchester eventually.

During this global pandemic situation, Z Coach London taking all possible measures to protect your loved ones, but still if any off think we missed something then please feel free to contact me. Very soon we will post here our boarding and disembarking plan.