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Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS)

Z Coach London has been providing Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS) for over 0 Years.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all our drivers are smartly dressed, have been CRB checked, and are highly experienced.

If you are interested in using our coach service in Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS), please contact us when your child receives a confirmed offer of a place at the school. We will then forward you an Information Pack, which contains the details of our charges, times and pick up points, etc. Please check our Code of Conduct.

Limited seats are available for Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS) in the 2021/22 academic year. Availability is strictly 1st come 1st serve basis. Book your seat now. Submit reservation form online or call Sabbir 07908212505.


All Z Coach drivers are Licensed & Insured Professionals. They are experienced in safe transportation of children. A Z Coach driver can also be an excellent tour guide to you.

  • PSV Insured Coach with Public Liability cover.
  • Qualified and DBS checked Bus Driver
  • Real time notification, GPS Tracking on your mobile.
  • Limited Wi-Fi, Smart phone/Tablet deposit box.


Colchester Route From September 2022

Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS)
Transportation Route

Barking Thames View - Upney Station - Dagenham - Romford - Gubbins Lane

Colchester Route From September 2022
  • Thames View Estate, Barking IG11: 06:55
  • Upney Station (Stop V): 07:05
  • Barking Bus Garage /Longbridge Road (Stop BC): 07:08
  • Charlecote Road (Stop EH) on Wood Ln: 07:13
  • Morris Road (Stop C)/ Becontree heath Leisure centre: 07:15
  • ASDA Chadwell Heath/ Stanley Avenue (Stop U): 07:18
  • Chadwell Heath High Road (Stop W) on Whalebone Road South: 07:20
  • Romford/ North Street (Stop C): 07:25
  • Harold Wood/ Gubbins Lane (Stop P) on A12: 07:35
  • 1st Drop: CCHSG, Girls School, Norman Way, Colchester. CO33US. ETA 08:20-08:25  

  • 2nd Drop: CRGS, Boys Schools rear Gate, Creffield Road. ETA 08:30-08:35

  • Way back Boys will be picked 1st by 15:40 then girls from the Junction of Norman Way by Apx. 15:50. Our target is to reach Upney station by 17:15 (ETA) with normal traffic.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    • Times May affected by traffic, weather conditions and other unforeseen reasons, Parents will be notified if the coach is delayed by more than 10 min.
    • We usually reach Colchester schools before 0830, however, it completely depends upon traffic and other factors, Bus can be 5-10 mins late in few days in any given year, and you can monitor our movement on your smart phone.
    • In case of breakdown/ Staff shortage or any other disruptions, we will arrange a substitute coach, taxi, share ride by volunteer parents, or public transport.
      • Under any circumstance, if we failed to provide services on any days then we will refund £15 for a return journey & £8 for a single journey. (This never happened in our business life)
    • PSV Insured Coach with Public Liability covers. All our coaches go through safety checks every 9 weeks.
    • Qualified and DBS checked Bus Driver
    • GPS Tracking on your mobile.
      • Route and Terms can be reviewed when required with short notice.
      • Pickup Time & Location can change with short notice.
      • The coach will wait only 1 min at any pickup point.
      • To book a seat you need to pay £100/- deposit (Please see the terms)
  • Payment:

    Option 1: Monthly (Total £2640)

    • 11 monthly instalments of £240 by Direct Debit, must reached by 5th of each month.

    Option 2: Termly (Total £2520 saving of £120)

    Three non-refundable Instalments must pay by the following dates:

    • Autumn term Payment £840/- need to pay by 15 March 2022, otherwise you lose your seats and deposit. (If anyone joined after 15 of MAR then immediate payment required)
    • Spring term payment £840/- need to pay by 15th of December 2021.
    • Summer term payment £840/- need to pay by 15th of March 2022.

    Option 2: Yearly

    One non-refundable payment of £2400 need to pay by 15th of March 2021 (Savings of £240)

    Special Sibling discount: £100 per year in any of our Routes (will be adjusted with last month or last term payment).

  • Bank details: Z coach & Tours Ltd. Santander Bank. S/C 090129 A/C 09780668. Please put the ref: DEPCOL-Your daughter’s or Son`s name

You can cancel your booking within 14 days of paying the deposit and get the full refund or if your son or daughter did not select by any of those two schools then your deposit will be refunded in March 2022(Need to send us the proof), otherwise your deposit will remain as deposit for the year. It's a yearly contract for the 2022/23 Academic year (SEP 2022- JULY 2023) your £100/- deposit will remain as deposit, if you leave the coach in the middle of the year or before start using our service in September 2022, your deposit will only be refunded if you or we can resale your seat, otherwise you will lose your deposit & payments. (We get students only this time of the year and our seats are limited, therefore if you have yearlong plan to use our services then only please pay the deposit to hold our seats.

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